Nightmare install Vol 1

Nightmare install Vol 1:  The Benefits of Hiring a Reliable Audio/Visual Installation Company

After this many years in the industry we at Taurus have come across some pretty crazy equipment installations.  Unfortunately, everyone from the plumber to cousin Johnny who’s got a bitchin’ car stereo will offer to mount and hook up your “stuff” 

In this horrifying display of technical ingenuity we find our "skilled" installers used a plumbing hardware elbow rather than the approved mounting hardware.  While we may have saved some money, a 40-inch display landing on Betty from Accounting is a payout worth avoiding.

Our crack technical squad also decided to use a universal projector mount from the local box store rather than a custom fit LCD TV mount made for this equipment.  This looks like Betty is in for another bad time.

In a final display of technical prowess, our budget installers have decided to rig a laptop and docking station to the back of the LCD TV with the always handy zip tie.  Unfortunately rendering the cooling and ventilation systems for both pieces of equipment less effective creating both a safety hazard as well as diminishing the life of both pieces of equipment. 

Ostensibly, The string of Christmas lights is a nice touch.  While poor Betty from accounting is nursing her head wound at least a festive environment persists.

All joking aside, hiring a trusted Audio/Visual company such as Taurus Technologies is imperative for optimal technical performance, aesthetically pleasing installations, and peace of mind.  

When you are able to hire an extraordinary service provider, you can also receive other benefits that you can enjoy:

  •  Experience with the equipment sold – Working with a good company, you can experience installation professionals who are familiar with what they’ve sold and will not only maximize the performance of your investment, but also troubleshoot issues with confidence
  • Capacity to address other issues – If the wall or ceiling tile has damage and the trim ring has fallen away from it, there is no need to worry as it can be addressed. No more tangled nest of wires and exposed electrical boxes to worry about.
  • Professional engineers – A company with a reputation of trustworthiness can ensure you of having professional engineers. Their knowledgeable and highly skilled staff can install the system with quality, safety, and aesthetic appeal providing a look of professionalism to your space. Apart from that, they can guarantee the work.
The next time you have audio/visual needs for your office call Taurus Technologies.  We take pride in both the products we offer and the service we provide and help you avoid a Nightmare Install.