Taurus Partner Spotlight: Middle Atlantic

Ensure that your Conference rooms, board rooms and huddle spaces have maximum uptime and minimal interruption by requiring Middle Atlantic Products power solutions with RackLink!

RackLink IP enabled power solutions provide the ability for Taurus Systems to remotely fix many of the problems that may occur, including the need to reset system components. These RackLink enabled solutions also allow for remote monitoring of a number of different variables, enabling Taurus Systems the ability to perform proactive monitoring. With this, they can determine if there are any potential longer-term issues and resolve them before they impact your AV system, therefore ensuring maximum performance.

By utilizing RackLink power products, which are available to meet the needs of virtually every system, Taurus Technologies will be able to better serve your needs. Some common reasons for utilizing RackLink solutions include:

  • Is your system part of a LEED design? If so, then RackLink is a must since it provides the ability to monitor power consumption.
  • System protection – RackLink employs the most advanced surge, voltage protection, and filtering technology available.
  • Need to ensure that everything works as expected during meetings and for presentations? RackLink is like having a technician on-site and can automatically resolve many issues.

Ask Taurus Technologies how the award-winning power solutions with RackLink can help your system work better today!