Texas Tech University - School of Law

Lubbock, TX

This auditorium has a range of uses from simple lecture all the way to law bar exams. The ability to provide a fantastic viewing experience is paramount to spaces like this. Providing the viewing experience is only a part of making sure an auditorium space meets the needs of many. Microphones, audio output, lecture capture and many other items should be discussed when designing this space for you. With rooms like these you’ll have more engagement with the participants.


Model: LS-100-01-GY – IR Assistive Listening system, by Listen Technologies, for the hearing impaired and ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance.
Model: Custom – Draper’s rear projector “lace and grommet” projection screen measuring over 200″ in diagonal.
Model: PT-DZ21K & ET-D75LE90- Panasonic laser 12,000 lumen WUXGA projector with one of the world’s shortest throw lenses.
Model: SRG-300H – Sony 1080p pan, tilt and zoom cameras for video conferencing, presenter and participants views, capture and streaming.
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