Taurus Partner Spotlight: Clarus

Clarus is the innovator of the glassboard. As the world’s largest glassboard manufacturer, the Clarus design team invents new ways to use the most basic form of written communication in the most modern ways.
Whether it’s wall-mounted, on wheels, attached to a workstation, or sliding across the wall – glassboards maximize existing space and provide hundreds of square feet of beautiful, writable glass. But what about projection? What if a writable glassboard could double as a permanent projection solution?
Clarus has designed the most innovative projection screen, View, to function as a writable glassboard, while simultaneously serving as a high-definition projection screen. Lights on, View is the world’s best writing surface; light’s off, it’s a crisp projection screen.
This designer-quality glassboard provides cenema-quality projection and the ultimate dual-functionality. No need for bulky mounts or pull-down banners, no chalk dust that interferes with sensitive equipment, no rippled or blurry images. View takes presentations to a whole new level as the first ever, glare-resistant, writable glass projection surface. The View never looked so good.
Glassboards change the way we work. With writing solutions for every surface imaginable – you can make any space a collaboration space with Clarus.
If you’d like to discuss adding Clarus glassboards to your workspace, just send us an email or call at:
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