Taurus Partner Spotlight: Mersive Technologies

Introducing Solstice 4.0 and Pod Gen3
Solstice 4.0 on the Gen3 platform delivers a more engaging and collaborative meeting experience across a broader range of room configurations – at a lower cost per room.
With added support for 4K, wired input, dual displays, and POE+, Solstice is able to leverage existing technology infrastructure to enhance the meeting room experience while incorporating the ease of use and scalability required to meet the needs of any space.
In addition to the added support, Gen3 allows unrivaled breadth and quality of content to be shared while Solstice Ink enables simultaneous wireless markup for a new level of collaboration.
Clarus has designed the most innovative projection screen, View, to function as a writable glassboard, while simultaneously serving as a high-definition projection screen. Lights on, View is the world’s best writing surface; light’s off, it’s a crisp projection screen.
A few new features of Solstice 4.0 include:
  • Wired Input – Simultaneous HDMI-input allows hard-wired content sources to add a collaborative content stream directly into a Solstice session with other wireless sources.
  • Dual Display – Two HDMI outputs that can be configured to mirror or extend. In extended mode, users can post content across two displays to support more posts in view.
  • Solstice Ink – Collaborate seamlessly with wireless highlighting and markup from anywhere in the room using a smartphone.
  • And More! 4k wireless streaming, PoE+, improved processing and performance, 16 languages supported in-product, and USB-C for future innovations.
Mersive offers a 30 Day FREE Trial of Solstice to make sure it’s the right solution for you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss getting your free trial of Solstice 4.0 set up, contact us at:
We’d love to help you get started!