Taurus Partner Spotlight: Total Channel

Total Channel expands the most comprehensive line up of content managed media players with multi-screen video wall processors.
Total Channel Introduces a new way of processing the image for multi -screen applications, and a new way of controlling the image. Total Channel Smart Video Wall Processors are video wall processing reimagined with modern Smart technology. Each Smart XW video wall is less expensive to buy and less expensive to operate because now you can have one or two people producing content, managing and updating an entire network of Walls from a laptop or mobile device. The cost of acquisition is lower, cost of production drops, the cost of distribution of content goes away and the overall cost of ownership goes down significantly over a traditional wall.
We do this by manufacturing Video Wall Processors with a brain, and a very smart brain at that. This is not just a wall processor that plays a video loop created somewhere else and changed infrequently, the Total Channel Smart XW and XW5K series processors includes the FULL range of content storage, scheduling, playback and web managed features available in the Total Channel Networked Media platform.
If it’s one wall or a video wall network, you can now manage every piece of content, every day, every hour, and from anywhere with the Total Channel Management Portal. Turn it off-and-on on a schedule, change content on every wall in the country on a key stroke, create billing reports, run different playlists every hour, every day, every week or schedule it to run for a day, month or a year without interruption. Store dozens if not hundreds of playlists and their content and play them back on any schedule. Bring in internet-based content or streams in any playlist on any schedule and create interactive content in any Playlist. All of this managed from a web portal that can control thousands of video walls from a single interface.
Have a client that wants to run new advertising this weekend? No problem, just drag and drop the content in to the web browser, decide when it plays, and push it out to one or many or every video wall in your network right now or schedule it after-hours. You can even manage the times of day that a wall will accept new content, manage file sizes and bandwidth and the Total Channel Smart Wall Processors will accept any common media format in the playlist.