017: Meet the Owners - Kevin Langham

This is the second installment of a two-part series where we sit down and talk with both of our owners individually. In this first episode we are joined by Kevin Langham, President. Much like the last episode with Aaron, we sat down with Kevin and spoke about all things Taurus – We got to hear Kevin’s point of view about how Taurus came to be, why Kevin believes that Taurus is different, and what Kevin would have done if he didn’t start Taurus. We even spoke about some really pressing issues like what Kevin’s favorite word is, and who would play Kevin in Taurus the Movie.

This was an enjoyable episode to record, and we think that you are really going to enjoy it! Thank you to both Kevin & Aaron for taking part in this series. We will be kicking off a new series next week called ‘Meet the Employees’, this will be a great series and we can’t wait to share the first episode with you.