Baylor Scott & White Health - Cancer Center

Dallas, TX

Spaces with movable walls and tables, allowing the rooms to be configured as needed, offer a fun design experience. With these multipurpose rooms we have provided users with the ability to make any desired web or video conference call, an audio call and present for any desired device they may have. An array of wireless microphones, all with rechargeable batteries and docking stations, provide audio to the far end of a call and through the overhead speakers when the rooms are in their larger state.
In combinable spaces the audio-visual solution doesn’t have to be a headache for you. With a partition sensor mounted between the divisible wall, we automate when the video and audio should be combined or separated. By providing this ability we can also give users certain “override” features and intuitive control by dragging the source they’d like to see, where they’d like to see it.


Model: SRG-120DH – Sony 12x Zoom Pan / Tilt 1080p Camera
Model: K1D120B – Chief Kontour™ K1D Dynamic Desk Clamp Mount, 1 Monitor
Model: CUSTOM – Forbes Custom Built Podium with internal A-V storage, Microphone, Light and LOGO
Model: MXW8 + MX410LP/C – Shure Microflex Wireless Microphone System with 10″ Goosnecks and LED status indicators
Model: Access V – Draper Recessed Electric Projection Screen with TecVision ALR Fabric
Model: Control 26CT – JBL 6.5″ Ceiling Loudspeaker Transducer Assembly