Texas Tech University - Science Classroom

Lubbock, TX

Large classrooms require large display solutions. In this design we have used (2) Sony Laser Projectors to provide the customer with a bright and long lasting viewing solution. Matrix switching allows the teacher to put up different images on each screen which makes the student experience even better.


Chief K1D220 Dynamic Desk Mount
Planar PXL2430MW Touch Monitor
Dual Sony VPL-PHZ10 Laser Projector
Dual Da-Lite Advantage Electrol Recessed Electric Projection Screens
Extron Flat Field FF-120T 1’x2′ Drop Tile Ceiling Speakers
Listen Technologies LA-140-WH IR Radiator Assistive Listening System
Crestron TSW-760-B-S 7″ Touch Panel
Elmo MX-P Visual Presenter with MX Writing Board
AVFI PDYZ38 lectric Lift Podium & RKYZ12 Attached AV Rack