Texas Tech University - Health Science Center

Lubbock, TX

The room, capable of seating 130 people, demands the ability for participates to hear, collaborate, and clearly see content shared. 4K Laser projection, the right projection screen material, and multiple viewing options give the users just that. All participants can share from their seat of via the podium and with multiple sources on screen at any time. Simple “drag & drop” control allows for an easy to use system.


Draper Profile+ Fixed Frame Projection w/ MS1000X ALR Fabric
(2) Planar EPX 100″ LED Displays
Planar Helium 24″ Monitors for the Podium
RH CX61 Loudspeakers
AVFI IPVP7 Instructor Podium
AVFI LFT7000 Electric Lift Mobile Display Stand
Newline Interactive VN Series 75″ Display